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Are Recycled Plastics Same As Recyclable Plastics?

Are Recycled Plastics Same As Recyclable Plastics?

Eco friendly packaging is without doubt a global trend now, especially for some countries, like Australia,government has banned use of plastics.

Today we are going to share with you one very popular sustainable packaging solution currently-recycled and recyclable packaging.

Many of our clients feel confused about the differences between RECYCLED and RECYCLABLE plastics. Here are some explanations about them. Hope this can help you.


Recycled plastics are plastics made from recycled contents. Most commonly used type of contents would be post consumer waste(PCW). We make these post consumer waste into HDPE or LDPE(name for plastic bags material) again. We reuse the resources and avoid using fuel as raw material for HDPE or LDPE. We save energy for our mother earth. So this is eco friendly. More and more companies are turning to it.


Recyclable plastics means the plastics can be recyclable. Here we should all be clear that, almost all the plastics are recyclable, no matter it is virgin material or recycled material.

So this is not as eco friendly as RECYCLED PLASTICS at all.

But for sure recyclable packaging is better than disposable packaging. This is,anyway, an eco friendly concept.

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