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7 Things You Must Know to Get A Price for Poly Mailers

7 Things You Must Know to Get A Price for Poly Mailers

1, Quantity.

Why we always say the more quantity,the cheaper? Because for all factories,the more raw material we order from our supplier at one time (like LDPE, HDPE or COMPOSTABLE MATERIAL), the cheaper price we can get. For factory operations, if it is in large quantity, once we set things up on our film blowing machine, printing machine and cutting machine, they can run without stopping from time to time while for small quantity, we have to do so.

2, Material.

Material for courier bags will be LDPE,HDPE or compostable(100%biodegradable) material. LDPE is softer with better tearing strength while HDPE feels crispier with poorer tearing strength. HDPE would make a mailer look more matte while LDPE more shiny. Compostable material is a kind of eco friendly material, made from plant-based material. It is 100% biodegradable. Due to bans of plastics in Australia and for sustainability of our environment, more and more companies are looking for compostable mailers. Compostable mailing bags are ultra soft with the mixture of PLA, PBAT or Cornstarch.

3, Size.

Size decides weight of material we need to order at one time. It is the basic and upmost factor for price. It includes width, height, self-seal and thickness. Minimum order quantity depends on minimum order weight of raw material from a raw material supplier. And Weight of material used depends on sizes of courier bags. One most commonly used size is 10×13+2inch×60microns. For sizes smaller than this, minimum order quantity will be more. Cause minimum raw material quantity is same for all sizes,the smaller sizes are,the more quantity needed for reaching up to same weight.

4, Printing.

The more colors there are on your courier mailers, the more expensive would the printing plate costs. What is a Print Plate? Generally, for mailing postal bags, there are Plastic Print Plate and Copper Print Plate. Former one would be cheaper but colors printed on the courier bag will go after some time and color effect is not very good. So for all our prints, we do it with copper print plate. For express delivery bags, costs of prints depend on sizes of mailing envelopes and numbers of colors needed to be printed. The bigger the sizes are and the more colors there are, the more expensive the copper print plate fees there will be. Each color will need one copper print plate. The larger size it is, then the wider and taller the copper print plate we need to make, so the more expensive it will be.

5, Packaging of goods.

Generally, we quote as per poly mailers directly in a carton. If you need a specific number,say 50 pcs into a Printed self sealing bag with an air hole, then it needs to be specified clearly. Some clients would need barcodes and stickers on the packaging. Some need 100pcs on a small paper pallet then pack into a self sealing bag for retail sales. So, please specify clearly about your options for packaging.

6, Shipping.

For some urgent orders,some clients would choose air shipping. Please advise which airport or which address needed to be delivered to. For sea shipping, please advise destination port. If you have your own forwarder, we can quote you EXW price. If no, then FOB, CIF, DDP, whatever would be OK.

7, Other special requirements.

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