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How to Tell the Difference Betwwen Material Color and Printing Color of a Courier Satchel

How to Tell the Difference Betwwen Material Color and Printing Color of a Courier Satchel

Today our topic is how to differentiate material color and printing color of a mailing bag.

Before that,we need to have a brief idea about the production process of how a poly mailer is made.

First, we should know white outside black inner is the most common color match for a poly mailer. Main process is as below: raw material-Film blowing-Printing-Cutting. Film color is related to the film blowing process which means the original color of the film.Generally, raw material for HDPE or LDPE are both transparent. If you want any color to be there for a poly bag, like a mailing satchel, then you need to add master batch into it. For example,when we see a white shipping bag, then we should know white mater batch has been added into it to make the white color, otherwise, it should be clear without any color. So when we say film color, itself, means, we have added master batch into the raw material to make the bag into a specific color.

Printing color is related to the printing process. The color is done during the mailer bag printing process. For example, we want a courier bag to be with Flood Coated prints, then after film blowing, we will get black ink to be done on the courier satchels. That is printing color. Before that, the black color is not there.

The main misunderstanding for these two concepts is between a colored satchel and a white satchel with a specific Flood Coated prints on a mailer bag. How to know the difference?

Let’s say, if original color of a mailing bag is white base, after we get black color on it, the white color is very typical white. But for a black film satchels, if we get white color on it, then the white will not that white, it is a little opaque white. It is easier to understand in this way, if you put any colors onto a white base mailer, then color will be almost exactly same original color as per the color you want. But if you want other colors to be added onto a colored satchel(excluding white color), then the color for sure will be different from the original color. They have been mixed with other colors. Right?

Below are pictures to show you comparisons between material color and printing color of a mailing satchel. Can you tell the difference?


Feature: White color comes out to be not very white, close to grey color. The black color of the plastic film looks not very nice.


Feature: White color is typical white color. Black color looks very black and very nice. Most of our customers prefer this effect.

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